Have you ever heard of Cutie Honey? Like Sailor Moon, or Pokémon , it's a media franchise from Japan. It began as a shonen manga in the 1970's. Then Cutie Honey ran as an anime from 1973-1974 and had 25 episodes. 
Then in 1994 came New Cutie Honey, which ended in 1995 with 8 episodes under its belt.

Come 1997, Cutie Honey Flash burst onto the scene. It ran from 1997-1998 and lasted 39 episodes. It took the slot of Sailor Moon Stars once the series ended and much of the animation staff worked on it, which explains the similarity in animation. This version was targeted toward the same demographic Sailor Moon had, and fits the Magical Girl mold more than the other versions.

In 2004 Re: Cutie Honey aired. It was an OVA series that lasted three episodes. It came after the live action movie released that year, which was very popular. After this incarnation of the show, a live action series of the show was released, called Cutie Honey: The Live.
One of the things that I found most interesting about this show was that throughout all of its incarnations, the theme song stayed the same, except for New Cutie Honey. I really love theme songs, okay? And I love this one. With lines like "A small bottomed girl" and "My nose is twitching" whats there not to love? The only thing that bothers me about this show and is the biggest reason I won't watch it is the excessive fan service. Ah well.

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