I Like Your Style

The post title says what I'm thinking, but hey, why not add a Misfits song? They can probably express how much I love this much more than a lot of nonsensical rambling.

EDIT: Also, this super cool guy has his very own street style blog-in other words he's a street style photographer!


And This Is Why I Love Sailor Moon


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Star Power!

A Few Outfits On Usagi

Goodbye Summer

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Summer ending is really depressing. Especially since this school year I've been buried in homework practically  since day one. Ah well, junior year won't last forever, right? Even if it is October, I still feel the need to moan about this. 



You know, I think she's right.
(Also, I really like this character. Her outfit is so cute!)


Sailor Moon, Part 1

Sailor Moon is one of the most amazing shows ever. I especially love the animation, full of pastels and perfectly grainy. 
Usagi Sailor Moon - Link Select